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How to Create a Blog on Blogger-Step By Step Beginner Guide

How to Create a Blog on Blogger-Step By Step Beginner Guide

How to create a blog on blogger is a very demanding question.

People always ask me about the shortest way to get success in blogging and I told them always there is no platform exists in the world, where you can get success by any shortcut.

Because, hard work is the key of success.

Just think if in a market you open a new book stall where already more than five book stalls exist. So, will you get your first order on the first day?

That is not possible, right? Because, you have to provide different offers, schemes to attract peoples and after some months/years when trust built on you, automatically you will get customers.

Like this always I told you blogging is a kind of online business. But we can’t ignore that we need a platform to start this business.

Blogger is a free content management platform, developed by Pyra Labs and bought by Google in 2003. A free platform for all with hosted by Google and provides you sub-domain “blogspot.com”.

Advantages of Blogger

Interface: The interface is very easy for a new user, if you have simple html knowledge you can easily edit the themes and make that more attractive.

Free Platform: Blogger is a free platform for all specially for the beginners. No need of any investment on hosting or domain, only you need to be passionate about it.

Security: If you purchase any hosting from any provider you need to pay more for extra security, but due to this platform is hosted by Google, you will get the high security performance for your website at free.

Domain: As I told you Blogger provides you free domain but in sub-domain format and I know that is not professional but you can add a custom domain easily instead of the sub-domain.

Ranking: There is a chance to rank fast in Google with this platform if you write meaningful contents than other platforms.

Secure Server: Blogger provides you typical “https” server at free instead of “http” one and if you see in other platforms you have to purchase it.

Themes: The best thing about blogger that I like is it provides you some customizable themes and templates at free of cost.

Steps to Start a Blog with Blogger

Let see the major steps for how to create a blog for free and make money using Blogger.

Step 1: Signup with Blogger

Create a Blogger account is very easy, just need a Gmail account. Go to the “blogger.com” and click, create a blog.

Sign in with your existing Gmail id and password.

Step 2: Choose Web Address and Title

After the sign in process choose a perfect title, that will show on the top of your blog and choose a subdomain around your niche.

Now you are in the default Blogger dashboard.

Step 3: Theme Selection

Create a blog on Blogger-Theme Setup

On the left side top of the dashboard click to open the left side panel and click on theme. There are 20+ free themes available in the theme section.

Choose one best theme for your website as per your niche.

My Suggestion for Best Blogger Theme

If you are creating a simple website with 2 to 5 pages then choose one from simple theme section or also you can choose from travel themes. There are some blogger free responsive templates also available, you can use for your website.

Step 4: Publish Your Blog

Just after the theme selection your blog will ready to live. You can also take preview of the blog by clicking view blog on the bottom of the left side panel.

But still you are not ready for blogging, because you need to do some major improvisation for better performance. Let’s see the steps to do that.

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Steps to Do Optimization for Your Blog

In the left side panel click on the settings and follow me to make your blog to perform better,

Basic Settings

Create a blog on Blogger-basic settings

Title: Make sure that your title section is not empty. Fill your niche or the main topic of the blog in the title section.

Description: Fill the full description of your blog in the provided area, so your audience and search engine can easily recognise and understand what the blog is about.

Blog Language: I have seen many bloggers target their audience by the local language. You can also choose any specific language to target any specific country.

Google Analytics Property ID: This section is only to track the performance of your blog I mean to check the traffic. Just create a google analytics account with your Gmail id and after verification you can add the tracking id here.

Favicon: If you have ever noticed, when you open any website and saw in the browser address bar an icon there. That icon makes the website more professional.

You can also add that icon by creating a new one and upload by clicking the favicon button.


blogger publishing settings

Blog Address: Blog address is the identity of you website, so choose an unique address without adding any numbers and try to make it smaller one for better results.

Custom Domain: If you are interested to take blogging career for a long time then you can add a custom domain by purchasing from any provider. But there is a process to add it.

Q. How to add a custom domain in Blogger?

Click on the Custom domain button in the publishing section of the settings panel and type your purchased domain. Blogger will provide you two C-Name records and you have to enter these in your domain provider’s DNS panel.

After some hours your domain will be active.


There are no changes you have to do in this section, but in the Reader access section make it public always. Because, by this section the readers able to see your contents.


This section is for your readers who will read your articles. You can make your own settings as you need.

Meta Tags

blogger meta tags settings

The meta description is the summary of your website or post. When you search any query on google, in the result page you can see short information about the articles or websites on the bottom of the web address.

meta description sample

This is called meta description, fill the short information about your blog in that section to get better ranking.

Errors and Redirects

Custom 404: If your visitors visit any of your posts or pages and seen that is not exist or you deleted that, by this setting you can add a custom message for them or also can add custom html to go to directly to other post or page.

Custom Redirects: If you have changed any post or page URL after indexed then when anyone will visit to that post or page, will face an error page. To avoid this issue you can add a redirect to the other page or post and this is an automated process.

Crawlers and Indexing

blogger crawlers and indexing settings

Robots.txt: It helps to search engine and tells about those pages or posts that crawler can or cannot request from your website. If you make any mistakes in technical SEO then by this your posts will be not available on Google.

Make sure it always turned on otherwise your articles will be not indexed. You can add a custom robots.txt file also by clicking on custom robots.txt.

Create Blogger Articles

create blogger articles

After all the major settings, this is the time to create your first post. Go to the left side panel of your dashboard and click on New Post.

Type a perfect title. Explore all the tools in the tool bar and create a proper post with eye catching images.

Labels: These are essential for the visitors to find the perfect article as per category. Type the categories, on which the post is about. It may be a major setting for the search engine to rank your post fast.

Permalink: Simply means your post URL. You can make custom URL for your post by this setting.  As per SEO, always use your main keyword in the post URL or permalink for the better ranking results.

My Suggestions to Use Blogger Better

  • There are different free responsive templates and themes available, but if you ask me then I will suggest you to go for a premium theme to attract your audience fast.
  • Google always loves unique content so always try to make contents by your-self to get ranking fast. If you are taking pictures from other website then always give them credit.
  • If I tell you about a professional website then the first thing that comes in our mind is domain. I know Blogger provides you free sub-domain but that does not look professional, so use a custom domain instead of it.
  • Choose a unique short domain name without any number and to make it professional add a favicon to Blogger.
  • Some essential pages you should add to your website and those are About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer.
  • To do on page SEO better always use your main keyword in the permalink and do not stuff keywords in the article.

Some Disadvantages of Blogger

Quality: If you want to run a website for your business or for long time blogging, then may be Blogger platform is not for you. Your website pages and articles will be not professional like others.

Layout: By this section editing of the website pages is not easy. If you want to do some major changes then you should do by edit the html file.

Customization: As you know there is a famous platform WordPress, if I compare this with Blogger then in Blogger you cannot easily customize your posts or pages until you do not have html knowledge where in WordPress you can easily do it by plugins.

Migration: No doubt Blogger provides you backup feature for your posts, pages, comments, but you cannot migrate your website to other platform like WordPress easily without losing traffic.

Support: The best thing about purchasing a hosting is you get help from their support team.  If you face any issue with your website they can easily solve, where in Blogger you won’t get any support service.

Suspension of Account: There are some terms of services of Blogger, if you violate any one from those, then your website will be deleted by Blogger itself. Repeated violations may lead to account suspension.

Final Words

Blogger is a genuine platform for the new comers. If you want to check the potential of blogging then you are always welcome.

This platform has some drawbacks that you cannot ignore. But after all if you cannot afford for hosting then this platform is good for you.

I have gone in the deep of this topic(Create a blog on Blogger) to make you understand better about Blogger and its full guide to create a blog. If you feel to question me then you can ask in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a blog for free and make money?

There is a free, secured and genuine platform where you can start your blogging career and make money and that is Blogger.

How to join to Blogger?

Joining process is quite easy, just need Gmail id . Go to the official homepage and click on “create a blog” , use your Gmail id and start.

Is Blogger the best platform for beginners to create a blog?

The answer is yes and no. Yes for them who are not able to purchase hosting and no for them who want to take blogging for a long time and also can invest.

What are some best alternatives of Blogger?

There are so many platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly etc.

What are some best templates for Blogger?

There are some best responsive blogger templates like Pixel, Jevelin, Divi etc.

How to add a custom domain in Blogger?

This is very simple, just purchase a domain from any provider and go to the settings of Blogger and in the publishing panel you will notice a custom domain section. Add there the domain name and collect two C-Name records and add those in to your domain provider’s DNS panel to activate.

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