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How to do Keyword Research for SEO-(Best Beginners Guide) -

How to do Keyword Research for SEO-(Best Beginners Guide)

Hello, friends I hope you all are good. Today I am going to discuss one of my most favourite topics and that is Keyword Research.

A keyword represents a person’s interest and intent. In the growing internet world daily tons of queries people are searching.

If you are blogger and providing contents or articles to your audiences then you must have to know their intents and interests.

Now a question is coming,

Q. How to find your audience interest?

You can find it easily by finding a keyword related to your topic. But, there are some strategies and tactics to find best keywords.

Some people say that it is easy to search by google or any keyword research tool, but if you only target high search volume then those are not profitable keywords.

Because there are other criteria you must have to follow, like keyword difficulty or SEO difficulty, CPC etc.

Keyword Research Basics

Keyword Research Basics

I always prefer keyword research before write any article because I can easily target only those audiences who have interest on my contents. Trust me if you want to become a successful blogger then keyword research is the measure step.

Because, a keyword can change your life

If you read my previous article on how to start a blog then, there I told you about niche selection and told you how you can research for a niche using keyword research.


It means the popularity of a keyword. By this you can check the graph of how many people search for a particular keyword and is the trend is going up or down.

Search Volume

This means monthly how many people search for a keyword in the internet. If you target on a keyword which has zero search volume then you will not able to get traffic on your website.

There are some different tools available where you can easily check the search volume of a particular keyword. Some are paid and some are free to use.

Keyword Difficulty

It means how many times the keyword used. In one word I can say competition. If a keyword has the search volume of 10000 per month, it doesn’t mean that you will get 10000 views per month.

Because, the keyword difficulty also a matter. So, it is important that you must check the difficulty level before use any keyword.

When you start a new website, your website is like a new born baby for internet. So, it is very hard to compete with the old websites, if a keyword has high difficulty level.


It stands for Cost Per Click, means how much you will get if a person click on that keyword. When you research for a keyword you must have noticed CPC.

I have seen most of old website they don’t focus on a keyword which has low or zero CPC. This is an opportunity for a new website to use that keyword.

Keyword Competitor Analysis

Now I am going to tell you about a golden rule of keyword research. When you research for a keyword by any tool always analyse it in google.

Because the keyword tool works as per its algorithm and that’s why sometime unable to maintain the accuracy, even sometime provide wrong statistics.

If you want a perfect result then remember always use the tool to check the search volume nothing else.

Then type the keyword in the google search and check the competition level by checking the DA and PA of the websites in the results. If you see some websites with low authority or some QNA websites or videos are ranking then you are ready to start.

Q. How to get keyword ideas or topics for articles?

By Google: Google is best option to get perfect keywords for your article. Just type your niche in the google search and you will get suggestions, pick the suggestions check competition and make articles.

QNA Platforms: Quora is a best platform for questions and answers. You can search your query on quora and easily you can get best keywords.

Shopping Platforms: If your website is about affiliate marketing then you can check in any shopping website like amazon and can easily get ideas.

Tools: It is the best and easy technique to get new keywords easily. Type your topic on which you want to write and you will get best results as per there competition level. You can use any free or paid tools.

Wikipedia: It is the best platform for everything, I mean everything you will get at one place. Wikipedia can be a best option to find you niche related topics and keywords.

Keyword Research Benefits

To Improve On Page SEO: We know how important is on page SEO for a blogger. By a keyword you are just targeting your niche related audiences.

Don’t do keyword stuffing and always use the appropriate keywords for your topic.

To Get Organic Traffic: If you want to earn from blogging for a long time then the best way is bring organic traffic to your website and that you can do by keyword research.

If you work on a low competitive keyword it will help you to get organic traffic fast.

To Find New Topics: Most of experienced and old website they don’t work on that keyword which has lower search volume and CPC rate. By keyword research you can cover those topics at the beginning to get best results.

Types of Keyword Research

how to do keyword research for affiliate marketing

There are no proven types available in the internet but when I research for a keyword I always focus on types,

1. For a Normal or Informative Blog: When you create a normal blog or an informative blog and provide any information, there you use any ad network for your primary earning source.

In case of ad networks they pay you on the basis of impressions and clicks and you need much traffic for good income. So, in this case you have to target on that keyword which has more search volume.

Normally if you find a high search volume keyword then you must noticed that the keyword has high difficulty level also.

So in initial stage when you start a brand new website always target 1000-10000 search volume with low difficulty level.

Here I can’t say the proper figure of the difficulty level of a keyword because in every tool has its own algorithm so, the difficulty level figure also different.

But, I will tell you about some tools and their full analysis reports onwards.

2. For an Affiliate Marketing Blog: We all know how this field has the potential now days. An affiliate marketing blog means you join any affiliate network and promote their products and earn by your blog.

But there is a process to find best keywords. In this case you have to find the money making keywords or profitable keywords.

Let’s understand it by an example,

If anyone search for a keyword “mobile” on internet, it doesn’t mean that he/she want to buy a mobile, maybe just want to know the information about that.

But when someone search for the “best mobile under ten thousand” or “best smartphones for rough use” we can say this person want to buy a mobile that’s why he/she searching and this is a profitable keyword.

In affiliate marketing you need to focus only that keyword for which people search to buy.

But we cannot say every one search for a keyword means want to buy that product so, in that case you can use email marketing to follow up with them in future.

3. Research By Location: When you are targeting a specific country with your contents then according to location you have to research.

If you provide any information or promote affiliate products to Indian audiences, then when you research for any keyword you must have to target India.

Because, the search volume, difficulty and CPC are different in different countries for a keyword. So, you have to do research properly as this keyword easy to target for a country or not.

You can easily do it using any keyword research tool (free or paid).

Requirements for Keyword Research

Tools:  As I told you before, to do keyword research properly you need a research tool. There are some free keyword research tools available you can use at the beginning.

Extensions: Extensions are also important. Download any free keyword research chrome extension from chrome web store like ubersuggest, SEO quake etc.

When you research on google the extension will help you to show the essential results.

Best Keyword Research Strategy or Methods

Long tail keyword research technique

Long Tail Research Technique: In the competitive world of blogging it is very hard to rank on a keyword, but there are some techniques to rank fast and long tail strategy is one of them.

When you research for a high competitive keyword there are very less chances to rank on that for a new website. In that case you can convert the keyword into the long tail keyword.

Let’s take an example,

When you research for a keyword like “earning” in the google search, you will see the search results are very high and some high level websites are ranking. So, in that case it is very hard to rank.

But when you convert it to a long tail with consist the main keyword like “How to start earning in 2020” or “Best strategies for earning in 2020”, you will see the results are decreasing and there is a chance to rank.

By this method you can easily get best keyword to write article.

Google Suggestion Strategy: This is a famous technique for keyword research. I always prefer this technique because by this process you can get good traffic on your website fast.

Normally people research for a single keyword to write an article and for that their article only ranks on that single keyword. But by this process you can easily rank your article in multiple keywords.

Q. How to rank an article in multiple keywords?

First of all find the main keyword with lowest competition on which you want to write an article and note down. You can use any paid or free keyword research tool (for free my suggestion-Ubersuggest) to do this.

Procedure 1: First type the main keyword on google search bar and click search.

Procedure 2: Go to the bottom of the search results you will see some results related to your keyword, use them in your article.

Procedure 3: Otherwise type an alphabet after the keyword in the google search bar.

For example,

Keyword is “earning” then type “a” after earning in the search bar. You will see some google suggestions for that keyword. Find best suggestion and note down.

Next type “b” after the keyword and up to “z”.

Take those related suggestions and use them as your sub headings. By this way your article will rank on every possible keyword that people are searching for.

In other way you can do this, by a simple website answerthepublic.com.

In this website you don’t have to research for the suggestion manually, just type the main keyword and you will get all the suggestions alphabetically and also the website provide you all the questions related to the keyword.

You can use those questions in the FAQ schema for best results.

KGR Technique: It stands for Keyword Golden Ratio technique. By this strategy you can easily rank your article within some days.

To do this process you need a free or a paid keyword research tool or a chrome extension. My suggestion, use ubersuggest tool or download its extension for free users.

Q. How to do Keyword Research using KGR Technique?

kgr technique

First of all when we research for a keyword, we normally check the search volume and competition level. Higher search volume means more traffic.

But in KGR technique there is a condition, the maximum search volume should be equal or less than 250. So, you have to choose definitely a long tail keyword.

Procedure 1: Use any keyword research tool to find the search volume of a long tail keyword.

Procedure 2: Type this keyword in the google search and find the all in title results of this.

All in title results means how many websites are using this keyword as the title of their article, you have to find this.

There is string to find it easily, type in google search

“Allintitle: your keyword” and search

Procedure 3: Well after doing this you will see the no of results in figure.

Procedure 4: Make an excel sheet with four columns – Keyword, Search Volume, All in title results and KGR

Procedure 5: Fill the details as per the column in the sheet. Make blank the KGR column as we will see in next step.

Now the measure step,

As per the KGR technique there is a formula to find the difficulty of a keyword and that is,

KGR=All in Title Result of the Keyword/Search Volume of the Keyword

By this formula find the KGR of the keyword and fill in the KGR column of the excel sheet.

Now there are some conditions,

Condition 1: If the KGR<0.25, it means the keyword is very easy to rank. You can easily make article on it and after indexing within a minute your article will be appear in top 50 results.

And after some days your article will be available within the top 10 results. This is the power of KGR technique.

Condition 2: If the KGR=0.25-1.00, it means the keyword has good competition level and in this case your website might be rank in top 10 or not be. I mean in this condition it will take more time to rank.

Condition 3: If the KGR>1.00, it means the keyword is very hard to rank and in that condition I will suggest you try another keyword.

Let’s understand the KGR Technique by an example,

Assume a keyword is “Earning”

For this keyword

If search volume=100 and all in title results=20

Then the KGR=20/100=0.20, easy to rank

If search volume=100 and all in title results=45

Then the KGR=45/100=0.45, good competition and might rank

And if search volume=100 and all in title results=105

Then the KGR=105/100=1.05, very hard to rank and not recommended

I hope you understand the full process properly. If you have any doubt, ask me in the comment section.

Avoid Mistakes During Keyword Research

Proper Research

As I told you before in this article, how important keyword research is. If you are not doing keyword research before write articles then you are missing many opportunities.

Use Tools

If you are a new blogger then there are some free keyword research tools available use them. Without using the tool you will not get idea about the search volume and that is very important.

Using tools you will get new keyword ideas also related to your keyword.

Use Google

I have seen many bloggers they don’t use google for research. They only use the research tool and make articles.

Let me tell you every keyword tool has its own algorithm so you can not 100% sure, if the results are accurate or not. So after you getting the results use those keywords and search in google to analyse difficulty level.

Use Long Tail Keywords

As I told you the importance of this before in this article. Use long tail keyword instead of short one to get fast results and success.

Final Words

When you think about blogging then the keyword research is the second major step after niche selection. If you research properly for keyword before write article then your 50% work is done.

Some people ask that if we have to target the low competitive keywords then what about high competitive keywords.

You can use the high competitive keywords also but you have to do very good SEO and I know how hard it is for a beginner and also the articles will need many-time to rank on those keywords.

You can assume your article will be rank in one to two years if you target high competitive one.

So always be in safe side, by using low competitive keywords you need to do basic SEO and you can easily rank within some months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is keyword research and analysis in SEO?

It means you are finding those specific words, that are people searching and by analyzing it you writing articles on it. Analyzing means you are checking the competition level of the keyword that help you to rank fast.

How keyword research is done?

It can be done using any free or paid research tool or extension, also analyse the competition properly using google as well.

How to do keyword research for blog?

You can do easily keyword research using these methods:
1. Long Tail Research Method
2. Google Suggestion Method
3. KGR Technique
I have clearly discuss about these methods in this article above.

Is keyword research still important?

Yes it was important, it is important and it will important to rank fast in google or other search engines.

What are the best keyword research chrome extensions available?

1. SEO Quake
2. Ubersuggest
3. MOZ Bar
4. Link Miner etc.

Which one is the best free and paid keyword research tool?

The best free tool that i suggest is Ubersuggest and paid tool Semrush.

What are the benefits of low competition keywords?

1. Easy and fast to rank
2. Need to do basic SEO
3. No need strong back link profile

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