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How to Start a Blog with Perfection for Beginner-[Step By Step]

How to Start a Blog with Perfection for Beginner-[Step By Step]

Hello friends, today I am here to tell you some important steps to how to start a profitable blog in 2020. I am damn sure you can definitely create it in next some hours after reading the article properly.

The steps I will tell you are very easy to do and anyone who don’t have any knowledge in coding, programming, must be able to create a blog easily.

A blog is not just a platform where you just publish articles, it is more than an online business where you can help others by showing your talent, skills and experience and by that earn some money.

Most of successful bloggers consider their blogs as their career.

Let’s check some important steps to start a perfect Blog:

Why to choose Blogging as a career?

Blogging is not just an online earning platform, it improves thinking of a person. If you have any skill, special knowledge of any specific field then blogging is the right choice to share with others.

Well everyday billions of audience visit google search to search their problems or gain knowledge or even to purchase any products from online, so,

Q. Do you know how they find the right things?

There are billions of blogs available in the google, bing, yahoo and other platforms in different topics or you can say niches, where they are providing articles, what the people are searching for.

To be practical, we know now competition is everywhere. So, we need a genuine way for passive income. A job holder, a successful business man can also do blogging, as there is no barrier.

If you are thinking to create a blog in 2020 then you have to go through the right direction to be successful.

Advantages of Starting a Blog

Extra Time: We know always we cannot work. We need a break to do the work efficiently and perfectly but, we can utilize that time in other field for passive income.

If you are doing job doesn’t matter, you can join blogging and can create an extra source of income.

Passive Income: In the field of blogging your future will be bright. It can be a full time opportunity. As the income sources are many so, you can earn very good amount from it.

Help Others: We know daily people are searching many queries on google. If you have the knowledge in a particular field you can share it with people and can help them to solve their problems.

Step 1: Choose a Perfect Niche

Choose a niche for your blog

Niche selection is the base of blogging. You have to target a specific field where you have knowledge and expertise.

Let’s take an example, you are from any health industry, you have very good knowledge about the health. You can target this field as your Blogging career.

You can create any health related blogs like how to live healthy life or you can discuss different health issues and solutions, because you have the expertise and you can easily write these types of articles.

Let’s make this easier, look around you and try to find out your interests and make a list of it. From that list try to find out articles related to those niches.

The best way to find is by Keyword Research. There are many free keyword research tools available in the internet, go and type that niche you have selected and check the competition level of the keywords in that niche.

Next authentic way to find is, just go to the google and type those keywords and after that you will get results and from that results check out the top 10 websites and their domain score to get a complete idea about the competition level of that particular niche.

Micro Niche: It is the more specific version of Niche. When you choose micro niche, your target audience will be more specific than a normal niche.

Q. How to choose a micro niche?

When you find a best field or category for you as your niche, try to go more specific with that niche.

Let’s take an example,

Assume Electronics as a field or category, then find the sub categories of this niche like Mobiles, TVs, Washing Machines, ACs and many more.

Let’s take another example to understand better,

Assume Movies as a category or field, the sub topics may be like movie review, trailer review, top 10 best movies, upcoming movies etc.

These are the best micro niches of this niche, but you can try more specific like from movies review micro niche you can target only action movie review or comedy movie review or you can choose horror movie review.

Same way you can try with other niches.

Q.What is the main advantage of choosing a micro niche?

As I told you, by this way you can reach to your audience faster and easier. As you are focusing a specific topic your article will be visible faster to your targeted audience.

This is the best tested way to get traffic faster. In affiliate marketing field it is the best strategy.

Step 2: Best platform for Starting a Blog-Blogger or WordPress ?

Blogger is a free content management platform offered by the Google. If you don’t want to invest money as a beginner you can choose Blogger.

All you have to do is just signup using your gmail id and after that you have choose a domain and theme and you are ready to go. You can add a custom domain also with blogger if you want to take blogging for a long time.

Blogger is a platform hosted by google and you don’t need to purchase any hosting for this. In this platform if you want to change anything in the theme you have to do that manually by the html editor.

But if we come to WordPress it is a content management platform offered by Automattic. It is a self-hosting platform, you have to purchase hosting from any hosting provider company to start with wordpress.

WordPress is much easier and user friendly for new comers. The interface is very easy to understand. There are many automatic options available in the wordpress.

If you want to do major changes in the theme you can do that by using manually or by the plugins. You can add extra features or options to your blog to make that more professional.

Q. What is my suggestion to choose Blogger or WordPress?

If you ask me to choose a best platform for a beginner, I will suggest definitely wordpress because, if you are not a programmer or coding expert or you don’t know anything about the html, then wordpress will be the better option for you.

Most of new comers think, if we are getting a free platform why to choose the paid one. The simple answer is yes,  you are getting all for free but just think after some years when you will get a handsome amount of traffic on your blog, in that time you will face issues to transfer all data to other platform.

Either you have to start another blog from beginning or if you have purchased the custom domain you can continue with that.

Step 3: Choose a Perfect Domain Name

choose a domain name for your blog

A domain name is the identity of a website. So, it is very important to choose a perfect domain.

Q. How it can be possible?

You have to choose a domain name around your niche, because that will be helpful for people to identify your field by just reading your domain name.

Let’s take an example, if you have choose a niche around health or targeting people who are searching health related issues in google. Then you should choose the domain name consist with health word, like goodhealth.com or besthealth.com.

Another reason behind this is, it will help you for better SEO.

Always choose top level domain names for the better result.

Also it is important to choose which country you want to target. If your contents are specific to a country like India or America, you should choose .in for India and .us for America and etc.

But most of blogger use .com domain which is generic top level domain. If your contents are not specific to any country then you should choose the .com domain.

There are many domain providers like Hostinger provides best deals to purchase top level domains.

Step 4: Purchase a Good Hosting Service

purchase a best hosting

Hosting is a place where your domain will appear. When you purchase a house anywhere you have to purchase land with it so, like that you have to purchase a hosting also with a domain name.

A hosting is a place where your data will store. If you are making articles in India, the people of other countries also can read.

Q. Do you know how is this happened?

It is only because of the Hosting. Normally you have to choose a data center like Singapore, USA etc. by choosing the country you want to target.

Let’s take an example,

If your article or contents are relevant to Indian peoples, then you should go for the Singapore data center or for USA you have to choose USA data center.

Q. Why have to choose a specific one?

Normally it is not important that what data center you are choosing because by google search the traffic will come from every country.

But, the problem is if you have hosted website in Singapore data center and when a person will access your website from USA or UK or other countries the server response time will increase. And for this reason your website loading speed will increase.

Ok, maybe your next question will be,

Q. Which hosting service should I purchase?

As many hosting providers are present in the internet field, it is difficult to choose a perfect one.

Most of newcomers they don’t check any hosting properly or not make research on any hosting service. They only choose a hosting by low price and as a result after some months or years they face some major issues like malware attack, slow loading speed or other complications.

But don’t worry I am here to help you,

As a beginner you should choose a shared hosting with definitely low price and with best services like,

SSL Certificate: If you don’t know let me tell you SSL means Secure Sockets Layer, it will convert your website from “http” to “https” as “https” is a secured version of data transfer and also google prefer a “https” server rather than “http”.

24*7 Support: As a beginner definitely you will face many problems with your hosting setup so, it is very important that a hosting provider definitely provides 24*7 support (By chat or call).

Storage: You also need a good storage capacity to store your data. If a hosting company is providing SSD storage then, that will make your website more faster.

Backups: Somehow if your website crashes, you will be able to use the backup of previous stored data, if the platform provided the backup feature. Some hosting providers give you weekly backup feature and some daily backup feature.

If you ask me to suggest you the best hosting platform, then I will tell you Hostinger, because I am using it and hosted two websites on it. The price of the starting plan is very cheap and mainly the security level also very high.

The support team of Hostinger are very knowledgeable and active, if you mention a problem in the help section then within some hours they will reply you with best solution.

Step 5: Setup WordPress

Installing the WordPress is very simple. As I told you it is the best and easy Content Management Platform. By purchasing the hosting now you are ready to install the WordPress on your website.

After the purchase company will take you to the typical c-panel.

Let’ see how to install,

Procedure-1: Login to your c-panel

Procedure -2: Try to find the section name Apps Installer

Procedure-3: Choose a protocol type “http” or “https” and domain name

Procedure -4: Fill all essential details like website name, description and most important admin user name, password and email and click on Install

Procedure -5: After successful installation close the window. Open a new tab and type “https://yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin”.

Procedure -6: Fill user id and password and you will find yourself on the WordPress dashboard.

Procedure -7: Do your essential settings as you want.

Before I move to the next step, I must tell you that how to install wordpress if you use Hostinger hosting service, because other hosting providers use c-panel.

Normally Hostinger use the modified version of c-panel called h-panel. The h-panel is more user-friendly and easy to understand for a beginner.

Let’s see how you can do,

Procedure-1: Login to the h-panel.

Procedure-2: In the dashboard try to find and click on Auto Installer.

Procedure-3: There you will see WordPress, just click on it.

Procedure-4: Fill the essential details like website name, protocol type “http” or “https”, admin user id, password and email and click Install.

Procedure-5: Close the existing window. Open a new tab and type “https://yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin”.

Procedure-6: By filling your user id and password you will be able to access WordPress dashboard.

Procedure-7: Make your own settings as you want.

Step 6: Choose a Perfect Customizable Theme

After completion of WordPress setup you are not still ready to publish articles. You have to create some pages and for that you need a medium, where you can do it by choosing a perfect Theme.

As we know “first impression is the last impression”

So, you have to choose a light weight and customizable theme so, if a visitor visits your website first time, will definitely visit your website again.

I have seen many new comers make mistake and choose eye catchable theme and if you visit their website you will stuck for at-least 10 to 20 seconds which is not practical.

The reason behind this is as the theme was not a light weight one and not updated so, that needs more time to load.

The major procedure you need to follow before choose a theme,

  1. Must be a light weight and customizable theme.
  2. Must be able to receive updates time to time.
  3. Supports schema.
  4. Must have optimized.
  5. Easy interface or easy to understand.
  6. Free to use.
  7. Easy to upgrade to premium version at any time.
  8. Must be responsive (easily accessible from mobiles and tablets).
  9. Must compatible with latest WordPress version.

My Personal Choice about Theme

Generatepress: It is the most light weight and customizable theme I have ever seen. I am using this theme on my both of websites, as you can see on this website also. It follows all the above particulars I have mentioned.

Generatepress provides many customization options in the free version. It charges $49.95 for unlimited websites for one year. If you cannot afford, you can use the free version at the starting.

Astra: It is the best light weight theme after Generatepress.  You can also use the free version of it and also you will get new updates time to time.

If you need more customization than Generatepress then Astra is the perfect choice. You can easily upgrade to the premium plans. The starting plan of astra is $47 for unlimited websites per year basis and $249 for unlimited website for lifetime.

OceanWP: It is a premium and easy to customizable theme. If you are creating an e-commerce website then this theme is perfect for you.

If you want to create a website with more customization and can invest some amount then you can go for this. They charge $39 for a single website per year basis for personal use.

Important: I have seen in the market that many website offer premium themes at very cheap price (GPL license) or selling for free. These themes may have viruses and it can be harmful for your website.

There are no shortcuts in life. So, if you cannot afford then go with free version of themes and if you can invest then only buy themes from the official website.

Step 7: Install Essential Plugins

install essential plugins

The best thing about the wordpress I like is you can customize your website as per your need by easily installing plugins.

But as we know “there is a limit to do every work”

Most of newbies install so many plugins as they need only few. Plugins are important but if you use unwanted plugins then your website will be heavy and it will impact on your loading speed of the website.

I am here to tell you about the eight essential plugins those are sufficient to make a professional website, let’s see

Elementor: It is the best plugin that I use. Basically it is a page builder and you can use it for free. With elementor you can edit your landing pages professionally.

It has also a premium membership if you can afford, then go for it for some professional settings. On a second thought you can use Thrive architect also instead of elementor.

Yoast SEO: It is the best SEO plugin I prefer. It will help you to write a SEO friendly content. When you write contents it analyses and suggest you the best procedure to do for best ranking results.

It has also a membership plan, you can upgrade. If you want a second option of Yoast SEO then I will suggest you Rankmath plugin.

Contact Form 7: If you visit any website at this time then you will notice that every website has a contact page and it is also important. So, you can install contact form 7 plugin to create this.

Updraft Plus: It is a basically backup plugin, you can install and take backup at any time you want.

Smush: We know how image is important in any article, it express the feeling and the actual meaning of any content. So, if you use normal high resolution and quality images then it will slow down your website.

Smush is a best solution for this, it will compress your images without loosing the quality. On a second thought you can use the shortpixel plugin.

W3 Total Cache: Best known plugin for cache management. It is very important to optimize your website time to time so, a cache plugin is must for every website. You can choose Litespeed cache plugin also.

Redirection: It is an important plugin if you make changes in the post url, it will help you to redirect the old link to new one.

Jetpack: We know how security is important. In case of your blog you need security and jetpack is the best solution of it. It will give security and monitor your website and make you know the up time and down time of your website.

Important: Don’t purchase these plugins from other third party websites as GPL licensed or for free, as I told you the impact of it for your website. If you can invest then purchase from the official website only.

Step 8: Proper Research a Keyword or Topic

It is the most important step. Keyword research means you are searching for words for which people are searching.

Find the perfect low competitive keyword using any free or paid keyword research tool.

After finding a low competitive keyword you need to do research on it properly and for that go to google search and type that keyword.

Analyse top ten websites and check the level or domain score (use any SEO chrome extension) of those websites. You will get an overall idea about the competition level.

If you are thinking that you can easily beat the competition then you are ready to start.

Find Sub Topics: You are ready with the main topic or main keyword but what next?

Q. How you can get sub topics?

There is an easy way to find the relevant sub topics from google. Type the main keyword and you will see in the bottom of search result the relevant sub topics.

Another best way to find subtopic is answerthepublic.com website. Go and type the main keyword you will see the results are alphabetically arranged. Choose subtopics from that as per your need.

Q. How to beat a keyword if it has high competition for a new blogger?

Normally, if you see properly a keyword is of maximum two to three words long. When you search for a keyword in google you see the search results, means how many websites having this keyword.

So, if you convert a keyword to a long tail keyword you will see a magic,

Let’s take an example:

how to do keyword research

If the main keyword is “Blog”. After you search it on google you will get the results like one lakh or two lakhs but when you convert it to a long tail like,

how to make long tail keyword

“How to start a blog” you will see the search results are decreasing and when you make it more long you will notice more deficiency in competition.

Step 9: Do Proper On Page SEO

Normally people thinks On Page SEO means write a proper article. But there are more steps you have to follow to do proper On Page SEO.

Keyword Stuffing: Most of new bloggers use the main keyword many times in their article and as result their article does not rank. So, you have to maintain a density of 1%.

Find supportive keywords (LSI keywords) from google related to the main keyword and use in the article.

Meta Description and Permalink: If you use Yoast SEO plugin you will see at the bottom of the article page (at the time of writing article) a special bar called Yoast SEO.

Fill the main keyword in the focus keyphrase option of Yoast. Must write the main keyword in the meta description and permalink of the post.

Image alt Tag: Image helps people to understand the article properly. Always use the main keyword in the alt tag so, it will help to rank the image in google images.

Internal Linking: After you complete an article always link your previous articles on this in a proper way like if you mentioned about SEO in previous article then in this you have to link it in SEO related words or sentences.

It will help people to find the other articles through this one and also it is a major step of on Page SEO.

Outbound Linking:When you mention any brand or any company on you post then must link their official page, it help peoples to directly go through you article and it has significant importance also.

Focus on Topic: When you are writing an article don’t write unwanted things and always try to cover the main and subtopics properly. Always maintain the quality not quantity.

Table of Contents: When you write a detailed article always add a table of content section. It will help people to directly jump to the different subtopics.

Let’s take an example

You wrote an article on “how to start a blog” like this article. You added many headings and subheadings like how to do proper SEO or how to do keyword research.

If a person search any sub topic related to your article, google will suggest him/her your article then, that person can easily find only that specific topic by the table of contents section.

In one sentence I can say it improves the user interaction with your article.

FAQ Schema: In the competitive world if you want to do something different form others then FAQ schema is the best strategy. If you do research, most of people search their problems or query in google in question format.

By adding FAQ schema you are solving their questions. In this manner google also present to the audiences best answers by the help of this.

Step 10: Create XML Sitemap

Make your post live is an essential step, because if you don’t make it live on google then how the traffic will come.

Provide xml sitemap means when you publish any article, page, category then google will automatically sense and index. An xml sitemap creation is very easy process let’s see how you can do it,

It can be easily created by the Yoast SEO Plugin. Install the plugin from the add plugin option in the wordpress dashboard.

how to create xml sitemap

Open the Yoast SEO and go to general, next click on features and make xml sitemap button on.  Now your sitemap is generated.

You can check your sitemap by visit https://yourwebsite.com/sitemap_index.xml

Step 11: Monetize Your Blog

monetize your blog

Monetization is the last step after creating a perfect blog. It is important that you have to maintain the quality of your posts and always try to fulfil your audience interest and intent.

To be practical, if you are utilizing your time and doing hard work on your blog then expecting money for this is normal.

Ad Networks

In the internet field there are many ad networks you can choose. Signup using your details and apply for your website as per their terms and condition.

There are some important steps must follow before applying for any ad network:

Read properly their terms and condition.

Make your domain at-least 4 weeks old.

Publish at-least 10 articles with at-least 1000 words per article.

Don’t apply before you did not get at-least 10000 page views per month.

Always make original and unique content.

Make some compulsory pages like About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Affiliate Marketing

It has a huge opportunity in the internet. Just choose a company and product and promote through you website.

There are some renowned affiliate networks are available. Let’s see some of them,

Commission Junction: It is a very old and trusted affiliate network. You can join on commission junction to promote different types of brand products on your website.

Digital Products: If your website focused on digital marketing or internet marketing you can promote digital products like tools, services on your website by joining several digital products provider companies.

Amazon Affiliate: If your website focused on any physical products like grocery, fashion, electronics etc. products then you can join amazon affiliate and promote through your website.

Freelancing Network: If you focus on any freelancing related topics then you can join any freelancing affiliate network and promote them on your website.

By Selling Courses

If you have knowledge on a specific field or topic you can sell your course through your website and can monetize it.

By Selling Services

If you are a programmer and web developer you can sell website themes and easily can monetize your blog.

Final Words

Creating a blog is very easy but maintaining it for long time is quite hard. You don’t need any programming or coding knowledge to be a successful blogger.

But there some major steps you should follow when you are seeing your career in blogging. As the competition is very high you should need to do something different from others to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a good niche for a blog?

A niche selection is the basic part of blogging. Try to find your interest and expertise of any field. You can go with a micro niche as it is a best strategy to get traffic faster.

How to choose a domain name for a blog?

Domain name is the identity of a website so, try to make a brand. Must use your niche in the domain name. Purchase top level domain to get result fast.

How to purchase a best hosting?

Don’t go with only cheap hosting, always check properly that what services they are providing like how much storage and features and about their support team.

How to create a XML Sitemap?

If you are using wordpress then you can easily create it using Yoast SEO plugin. Open Yoast SEO and go to general and there you can turn on the xml sitemap button.

What is the need of On Page SEO?

It is the basic step of SEO. If you are creating back link profiles or doing technical SEO properly but not caring about the On Page SEO then organically ranking is not possible.

What is the advantage of keyword research?

Keyword research means you are finding a topic to write article or finding a niche. Without keyword research, it is very hard to find the peoples intent, i mean what they are searching for. Without knowing the interest of audience if you write article then it is just useless.

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