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Top 8 Best Online Earning Websites in 2020 -

Top 8 Best Online Earning Websites in 2020

Hello friends, today we will talk about best authentic online earning websites of 2020.

Earning is a part of our life and when it’s coming online the sources are many. But, now day daily new earning websites are coming out and almost more than 50% of earning websites they don’t pay, and for those websites the original websites who actually pay they are suffering.

So, I will tell you about top earning websites in India and all over world. It does not matter where you are from, you can earn.

#1 Amazon Affiliate

It is a trusted platform for earning provided by the amazon. When we come to amazon the trust automatically builds.

The sign up process is easy, sign up using your existing amazon account and choose the products and platform to promote. After successful signup amazon will review your application and will inform within 24-48 hours.

To get successful approval you have to follow some important steps, if you want to use social media platforms to promote the products you need at-least 500 followers or likes and if you want to promote by a blog or a website you need at-least 10 posts.

If someone click your affiliate link and not buy the product then the cookie will be stored in his/her bowser for 24 hours and within 24 hours if he/she will purchase any product from amazon you will get the commission.

You can use Geo tagging to target traffics coming from other countries and can increase the income by 25% to 50%.

Some another important terms and conditions, you can read on the official website of amazon affiliate.

Payment Method: Direct Bank Transfer, By Cheque

I like

  • Free to join and trusted platform
  • Easy User interface
  • Payment on time
  • Does not charge any fee to transfer payment

I don’t like

  • Commission rate are less than other affiliate platforms
  • Cookie time on 24 hours
  • Payment time after 60 days of delivery

#2 Amazon Kindle

If you have specialization in a specific field or area and want to share your knowledge with others then E-book is the best way. Amazon Kindle is an E-book platform where you can join and publish your E-book.

This is a free platform to join. Sign up with Kindle direct publishing with your amazon account. Create a new title of you book, language, series, author, contributors etc.

Click save and continue for next page where you have to add contents and the pricing. You will get the royalty of the book of 35% to 70% of the price when somewhere the book will be sold.

Payment Method: Direct Bank Account

I like

  • Join for free and trusted
  • Easy interface

I don’t like

  • Digital book or E-book platform, while many readers prefer physical book for reading
  • Hard to read everywhere

#3 Click Bank

Well Click Bank is another online earning website without investment. It is basically an affiliate marketing website like amazon. You can promote many products listed here with your social media handle or with a website.

You have to sign up in this platform using your email id and country details to start. It normally takes 2 to 3 days for approval.

You can choose any one niche to promote like Arts and Entertainment, E-Business and E-marketing, Games, Health and Fitness, Languages and many more.

The affiliate commission is very high in this platform as compared to amazon. The maximum commission you can get by selling a single product is $150 (between 1% -75%).

Payment Method: Paypal, Wire Transfer, Cheque

I like

  • Free for everyone and trusted also
  • On time payment
  • Does not charge any fee
  • You can choose the minimum withdraw limit

I don’t like

  • Some products are country specific

#4 Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most trusted online money making site. It is a well know freelancing platform and also here you don’t have to invest anything to join.

If you have expertise in a specific field like Graphics Designing, Virtual Assistant, Digital Marketing, Coding etc. you can join this plat form.

Here you have to sign up first with your email id and mobile no and definitely with the all skills you have. After successful sign up as a seller you have to create a GIG, a kind of special page where you will mention all the skills and expertise.

The company or the buyer will contact you as per your information and experience and approach you for a work. After completion the amount will be credited to your wallet.

Payment Methods: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer

I like

  • Free to join and trusted
  • On time payment
  • Best platform for beginners

I don’t like

  • Useless gigs are running without any skill
  • Charges 20% from your payment per order

#5 Mechanical Turk

This is another platform by Amazon. Mechanical Turk is a simply micro job website but authentic and well renowned. It has simple interface with simple works, normally you can do one work within 2 to 5 minutes.

You can sign up using existing amazon account as a worker. After sign up they take 3 to 5 days to give you the approval.

After approval you can start where you have to choose and click Accept and continue button to start the work. The work normally available in this platform are country specific, you have to qualify for that.

Important: Amazon now not giving approval to Indian peoples in this platform as a worker. But if you have a previous approved account you can continue with this.

Payment Method: Bank Account, Amazon Gift Card

I like

  • Good and trusted part time option
  • Everyday new work update

I don’t like

  • Not a primary income opportunity
  • Country specific works

#6 Swag Bucks

Swag Bucks is one of the best online earning websites for students, it is a survey completion website and it also offers some micro jobs. If you are searching for a source by which you can utilize your extra time then you can choose it.

You have sign up in this website for free and it will give you surveys to complete and after completion it will give you some bucks. It also offers watch video and shop and earn feature.

Payment Method: Amazon and Wallmart Gift Card, Paypal

I like

  • Easy to work and earn
  • Free for everyone

I don’t like

  • Some surveys are country specific
  • Not a passive income source
  • Different redeem option not available

#7 Upwork

Upwork is the one of top rated freelancing platform. The interface of Upwork is almost similar to other freelancing platforms except Fiverr.

Here you have to sign up and fill the all expertise and knowledge in the profile section. After completion you are ready to begin.

In Upwork freelancers have to bid with connects or tokens (Paid) for a project published by the buyer or a company. They will check you application and take an interview and if they impressed they will give you the project.

In most of cases the buyers or the company gave the projects to the experienced freelancers. So, if you want to win the project then you have to offer them low price and best service.

Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Wire Transfer

I like

  • Trusted and passive income source
  • No useless profiles or skills
  • On time payment

I don’t like

  • Not a free platform to join
  • Very hard to get 1st project(beginners)

#8 You Tube

In a survey report it is found that the 75% of world population normally search their queries in video platform for solution. So, you can assume the potential of You Tube.

No doubt it is easy and free to join. Here you need a gmail account to sign up. You have to choose an unique and perfect niche where you can comfortable to make contents.

Keyword research is must if you want to grow your channel faster. There are different free or paid tools are available where you can search the best topics related to the niche people are searching for.

Google search is another and free plat form where you can check the people’s interests. There are several earning sources like brand promotion and review available.

Payment Method: Direct Bank Transfer

I like

  • Authentic platform and free for everyone
  • Many earning sources

I don’t like

  • Very competitive field

Make money online is now very simple. I have discussed best online earning ways and websites above, all are authentic and trusted.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best online earning ways?

1. You Tube
2. Blogging
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Digital Marketing
5. Freelancing and many more

What are the best online earning educational website?

1. Unacademy
2. White Hat Junior
3. Shaw Academy

What are the best online money earning websites in India?

1. You Tube
2. Fiverr
3. Upwork
4. Amazon Affiliate etc.

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